Yellowport is the second largest city in Sokarra. It is mainly a trading town, and is known for its abundance of alchemical goods.
The Stinking River brings rich deposits of sulphur from the Lake of the Sea Dragon down to the town, where it is extracted and stored in the large waterfront warehouses run by the merchants’ guilds. Unfortunately, all that sulphur has its drawbacks. The stink is abominable, and much of the city has a yellowish hue. The river is so full of sulphur that it is virtually useless as a source of food or drinking water. However, the demand for sulphur, especially by the mages of Dweomer, is great.
Politically, much has changed in the past few years. The old and corrupt king of Sokarra, Corin VII, has been deposed and executed in a military coup. General Grieve Marlock and the army now control Sokarra. The old Council of Yellowport has been “indefinitely dissolved” and a provost marshal, Marloes Marlock, the general’s brother, appointed as military governor of the town.

The market is large and busy. At the corners of Brimstone Plaza, gigantic braziers burn sweet-smelling incense in an attempt to overpower the rotten-egg smell that permeates the whole city. There are many stalls and goods to choose from.

The city of Yellowport was damaged severely in the Akat-Surain invasion of 1102DR. Akat-Surain forces took the city relatively unopposed shortly after making landfall, and members of the Red Guard sabotaged their barracks, causing significant damage to the city. The city was rebuilt only after the War of Sokarran Conquest, and not until some years after the war, around 1109DR. Yet it never reached its former level of glory or importance, because once Sokarra had conquered Golnir and gained control of the wealthy ports of Metriciens and Ringhorn, Yellowport (with its awful stench) was never seen as such a high priority as before the conquest. It does still remain, however, the main exporter of sulfur in all of the Fabled Lands.

Marloes Marlock moved his seat to Ringhorn after the end of the War of Sokarran Conquest and since then Yellowport has been placed under the governorship of one Aien Murdoch, a distant cousin of Grieve and Marloes.

Murdoch does not have the reputation for corruption that Marloes possessed, nor the cruelty of Grieve. He is seen as a rather benevolent governor, so far as Sokarran rulers go, and seems genuinely interested in the well being of his city.



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