Harkun is the main continent of the Fabled Lands, and it is home to nations of humans, the tribes of the goliaths, and even the shadar-kai.

Landmarks and Geography:

  • The Grumes
  • Icicle Woods
  • Tigre Bay
  • Old Age River
  • The River of Life
  • The River of Destiny
  • The Peaks of Harkun
  • The Rimewater
  • The Great Steppes
  • The Spine of Harkun
  • The Lake of Seven Needles
  • Ruby River
  • The Sleeping Forest
  • Rese River
  • The Endless Plains
  • The Haunted Hills
  • The Forest of the Forsaken
  • The Pass of Eagles
  • The Forest of Larun
  • The River of Souls
  • The Coldbleak Mountains


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