Brazen is a small mining town that consists of not much more than a few taverns, brothels, and two small, dueling chapels. One to Avandra, and the other to Erathis. Most of the towns inhabitants almost totally disregard both temples, much preferring to spend their time and coin frequenting the town’s less wholesome attractions.

The small town, unaffiliated with any nation and rather thoroughly independent upon its own small island, earned renown throughout the Fabled Lands during the Akat-Surain invasion.

Two ships had sailed from Brazen to aid the Harkunans in defending against the Easterners’ attack. These two vessels were unique in that each was plated with copper and bronze, as armor over the wooden decks and hull. They were assigned as part of the picket force off the eastern coast of Harkun. When they spotted the Akat-Surain’s approaching one ship went to sound the alarm (along with the dragon Tehla) while the other turned head-on to attack the attackers.

Miraculously, when the main force arrived, the small bronze ship was still afloat, albeit listing badly. Ultimately she survived the battle, and her crew won a great deal of fame and no small number of honors. Effectively putting Brazen on the map.

Since then the business of Brazen has boomed, as many shipwrights now come to them seeking to have their own vessels plated for defense. Even the master craftsmen of Cordoba respect the new and innovative art of this tiny and otherwise obscure island town.

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