"MAKE ME." "They crossed swords, cried, called out to their gods..."



Height: 5’5"

Weight: 130

Deity: None (Diane’s discourages the worship of deities)

Condition: Uh… alive?

Likes: Baroness of Ravayne,Zatara
Dislikes: Koa
Love Interest(s): None

Zero was once known as a prestigious, good student at Diane’s Floating School. He was once known as nothing more as a tag-along, doing nothing to hinder the group but nothing to help, either. He was once known as Addam. Zero has been angered by the traitorous acts of his former Head Master, Koa, and has promised to avenge the raized School. Though still recluse, he is far more determined now, and he fiercely practices spells from a misterious book found in the smothered office of Koa. He is also determined to control his Mmeladarata, a mental disablility that surpresses his immediate senses, but makes it possible for him to hear a heartbeart from a mile away.


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