Wil Turnner aka The Dread Pirate Roberts

"Freedom for Atticala!!"


Age: 19

Height: 6’ 3 "

Weight: 190

Deity: Kord

Condition: Eh, can’t complain, but sometimes he still does

Likes: FREEDOM!!!!! (and pretty weapons)
Dislikes: Valrec’s strange love interest in Marion….it’s more of a doesn’t understand thing…
Love Interest(s): He loves only Justice and Atticala


Wil Turnner’s family hailed from the nation of Atticala. However, when he was but an infant his village was attacked by the Templars of the Fifth Wind, a fraternity of paladins dedicated to Kord and battle. They killed everyone else in the village, but took Wil back to their citadel. There they trained him to be one of them. Wil excelled in his training, and even made a few friends along the way. The day eventually came however, when Wil learned of his past. After that he decided to leave the Templars, setting off across the sea on his own. After his rather unfortunate expirience with the Templars, he dedicated his life to two goals: cleansing their corrupt order and fighting waste and corruption across the world. Although he has succeeded at the the first, he is having trouble with the second proposition; he has set up representitive governments across the Fabled Lands, but several times has made the mistake of believing that all monarchs are inheirtly oppressive and corrupt, and as such favored the efficency of Grieve Marlock’s regime over the rebels he knew little about. Since then, he has reformed his ways, and made up for slaughtering the rebels by creating a representitive government in Sokkarra.

Despite his young age (and some lack of individual fighting prowess when compared to his compatriots) he has led the party’s armies to several stunning victories

Although dedicated to hunting down the Horcruxes, he also is concerned about the wars raging throughout the fabled lands, and still quests to learn what happened to his parents.

Wil Turnner aka The Dread Pirate Roberts

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