Kheldor, Son of None


Age: 39 years
Height: 3’ 11"
Weight: 77 lbs
Deity: none
Condition: wounded/sick (this came as a result from his devastating wound at the hands of the Sokaran rebels) He was deeply scarred across his face rending his aliases seemingly impossible to keep secret should he assume their roles.

Likes: Since the deaths of Garth and Fiara, Kheldor has not allowed himself to grow close to anyone, until he met this party.
Dislikes: HATES: Trenton
Love Interest(s): Kheldor once knew love, but she lives no longer…


Kheldor has many different aliases all of whom “live” in different countries of the Fabled Lands. His aliases include:
Perinth, Priest of Ioun
Murgo the Sailor
Ussa the Serpent

With the deaths of Trenton and Nagil, Kheldor feels as though he is finally free. Throughout all of his life, he has felt a heavy burden as though there was always something that he needed to do, but that burden has been lifted.

Kheldor, Son of None

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