John "Diablo" Smith

"Don't worry, I can make this jump. I'm the best assassin ever! "(falls)






Condition:OK,can’t complain

Likes: Making Jokes and playing music using throats
Dislikes:Valrec’s strange love interest in Marion….it’s more of a doesn’t understand thing…
Love Interest(s): MY WIFE


John “Diablo” was once a member of an elite fraternity of assassins, they did not work for gold or glory however, but only for just causes, attempting to keep peace by killing those who would sunder it. John was betrayed however, by Akathos, a fellow assassin, who framed John with having broken their sacred code. As a result John was expelled from the order, and he recently took on a contract for a very dangerous client (one whom he expected would try to have him killed after he completed the job). However, his assassination failed and he has since joined the very people he sought to kill.

John’s parents were killed when he was very young. From what he knows they were killed in a raid on his hometown in Aticala. His brother escaped and he was taken in by the assassins. They told him to fight for glory and justice and eventually he would have his vengeance. John accepted his fate and fights on with a unknown future.

John "Diablo" Smith

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