Chains of Fate Vol. I


The party mourned those whom they had lost, but celebrated their victory. Nagil, the fearsome dark sorcerer, was no more. Before long they went their own separate ways.

Kheldor began “expanding his business” and hunting down those who had threatened him with the assassin Shairya.

Addam continued his search for Koa, and began experimenting with greater powers.

Dodric went off a-wenching through the lands, and singing his songs to the gods themselves.

Mottul returned to the Goliaths, taking Lakyra as his wife and rising to his proper station as Grand Chief of the Two Hordes.

Roberts settled down somewhat after falling in love with a beautiful woman he met in port while sailing as the Dread Pirate Roberts. The two married and had a beautiful son.

John returned to the Walking City to be with his wife, hoping that his old order of assassins would not be able to find them.

Valrec, confused and frightened by his own new-found nature, banished himself to the elemental chaos, where he sought to sort out what he was, and prevent himself from causing anyone else any harm.

Yet they were none of them free from the chains of fate.

Roberts found himself to be possessed, the spirit within him taking control of his body and slaying his wife and child. He found their mangled corpses and their blood on his hands. The visions of their deaths at his hands soon drove him into the bottle, which was the only way to quiet the insidious voice within his head.
He was discovered sitting drunken in an alley in Metriciens by none other than John Smith and his wife, as the two fled the assassins that were hunting them.
Taking Roberts with them they met up with Addam, who was shipping out for Llanowar in search of Koa, and had agreed to broker them passage.
When they reached Enoch John bid Addam take his wife, who was with child, and Roberts to the countryside and find somewhere small and quaint to hide them, while he stayed to settle things one way or another.
Addam did this one last favor for his old companion, settling his wife in Fieldan. He stayed there shortly, continuing his latest work and waiting for John to find them.
Yet time passed and John never came. Addam completed his work for the time, and departed from Fieldan, leaving behind what he considered a failed experiment, in the form of a young mage of striking resemblance to he himself…

Chapter 25

They arrived at Grebbestaad, and crushed their way through the hordes of demons guarding it. They then left the Goliaths outside to hold the entrance at the portal to the Abyss, which was continuously spawning new demons, while they charged inside to find and kill Nagil.

But before heading to the throne room, Dante took them off to a side passage.

They battled their way through a small contingent of demons and came across a small black box. Dante took the box, opening it to reveal a still-beating human heart. He explained to the party that it was, in fact, his. That his own heart was a horcrux for Nagil and that while it continued beating, neither he nor the foul sorcerer could be killed. And then he drew a stout dirk and drove it through the heart. A moment passed, and he slumped to the ground, dead.

The party didn’t have any time to consider the implications of having lost Dante, they still had to find Nagil and the Alkayi stone that was powering Grebbestaad.

They found Trenton guarding the stone. After a fearsome battle both he and the Alkayi were destroyed and Grebbestaad began to collapse.

Then Nagil appeared. They fell to fighting him and the demonic hordes he was summoning at his whim. Laudare was slain in the battle, and others nearly so, but finally they killed Nagil, and escaped the crumbling fortress.

Chapter 24

On their way back to Dante, they were attacked.

A massive warship, borne upon black fog, attacked the fleet. It devastated their warships, forcing the Cordobans to retreat and closing on the party.

After repelling wave after wave of endless demonic hordes, just as they thought the enemy was nearly spent, the side of the evil ship opened up, and a jet of black energy shot forth, impacting their own vessel, and utterly destroying it.

Roberts witnessed a vision of Nagil, with the sorcerer imploring him to join his side. Roberts stoutly refused.

They awoke upon Don Juan’s galleon, feeling defeated, and returned to Dante.

He told them that the time had come. All the horcruxes were accounted for, either destroyed or taken by Nagil.

They went to the Goliaths then, and with that army, they marched upon Grebbestaad.

Chapter 23

Before setting off across the sea, they first traveled east at Valrec’s insistence. Don Juan was not yet quite ready to sail, in any case, so they still had some time to spare.

They made their way to the nation of Rycanthia, on the eastern shores of Ankon-Konu, and began asking around for a guide to take them to the ancient temple of sword-mages, that had been devoted to He Who Was, much like Valrec.

Finally they met the ranger Thrace, who agreed to lead them there. They found the ruins, which had once been sacked by the Templars of Kord. Valrec and Roberts had a moment within the monastery’s chapel which was described quite eloquently by Addam, “they cried, crossed swords, called out to their gods…” in which the two set aside most of their differences.

They then returned to Cordoba, Valrec having failed to find what he was looking for, the Third Volume of the Chronicles of the Dawn War. Don Juan was ready to depart, and so they set off with him.

Don Juan’s informants were able to give him the location of the High Sea-King of the Terks, and they struck at him directly. After a swift, but fierce battle they slew the Sea-King, and determined his crown to in fact be another of the horcruxes they were seeking.

They destroyed it, and slew the spider within the Fang, a jutting peninsula of wild-lands to the east of Eritrea. They then set off to return to Dante.

Chapter 22

They came upon the ritual site and found it to be defended by a small tribe of lizard-folk. They battled the lizards and a Naga, which was in fact “The Serpent”, and slayed them all quite efficiently. Adding another horcrux that they could cross off the list.

They next set their sights upon Gulgol, whom they believed to be “The Dragon”, yet another of Nagil’s instruments.

They arrived to find Gulgol and her worshipers already under attack by a fearsome demon host. At the head of the demon army was none other than Trenton. The party was forced to flee, and Trenton destroyed Gulgol’s soul, claiming his master’s horcrux.

The party reunited (Zatara and company had found Kheldor, who received a severe threat and a nasty facial scar from his kidnappers) in Smogmaw, and resolved to pursue the next horcrux, “The Spider”, which they believed to be far to the north, beyond the Unbounded Ocean.

While in Cordoba they encountered Don Juan, who was preparing to sail across the Unbounded Ocean and destroy the Terkesh Empire. To Valrec’s dismay Roberts pledged the party’s support.

Chapter 21

Their only hope was the Country of the Hidden Ones. Unfortunately, it is a land that does not favor strangers. However, they were able to gain access to an infirmary thanks to some shrewd negotiations. In the middle of the night they were set upon by assassins. The attackers used drow poison knock the heroes into unconscious submission, and then stole off with Kheldor in tow.

The heroes awoke the next day to find Kheldor gone and Addam and John all but dead of mummy rot. Roberts went to the Masked Council to plead for assistance. All they would give him was the advice that there was a sage living to the south who might be able to aid them.

The party sought out this soothsayer, and found her. She said that she would deal only with Tehla, the party’s white dragon friend. The witch offered Tehla riches, power, slaves, and prey, all that a dragon could hope for. Yet Tehla refused, insisting that she wanted only for the Hag to heal her friends (Valrec had deciphered the mystic’s true nature).

The Hag, Gelinda, acquiesced.

As the party departed from her hut she granted them two favors. The first was a warning. She told them that both John and Addam should have by right been dead, and Fate does not take kindly to being slighted. They owed the cosmos a pair of souls. She also lent them some sound advice, in the form of a map leading into the jungles of Ankon-Konu, and ultimately to a an ancient ritual site where they might find the next of Nagil’s Horcruxes. They left Zatara, Marion, and Tehla behind to search for Kheldor and set off after “The Serpent”.

Chapter 20

When the party returned to Golnir they found that the situation was dire indeed. The whole of the Golniran militia had been called out, and the Baroness herself was at the front lines of a heated war. Apparently after the Akat-Surains had been successfully mopped up Marlock had quickly abandoned his truce and turned on Golnir. The war had degraded to a stalemate, with Metriciens forming Ravayne’s right flank and the Whistling Heath at her back. Several skirmishes had broken out, yet neither side was able to gain any ground.

Unfortunately the party had no time to intervene, as Dante urged them to push one. Once back aboard the Dunmer Dante explained to them the reason for his urgency. Apparently Nagil had been resurrected through the use of horcruxes, three to be exact, and there were yet more still. Dante explained that the party had to go forth and destroy the horcruxes before Nagil or his agents could get to them, for with each horcrux Nagil collected his power would increase. Dante, meanwhile, would remain with the Dunmer and attempt to figure out what the horcruxes were, and where they were hidden.

The first Horcrux the party went in search of was “The Corpse”. Eventually, thanks to a visit to the Walking City, they tracked it to the Ark Ships of the Golden Men in western Ankon-Konu. They sailed to the coast and traversed the Desert of Bones eventually coming upon the mysterious Arks, which were in fact great pyramidal tombs. They infiltrated the greatest of these tombs, skillfully avoided grisly ends in several traps, and finally found the main chamber.

There they battled and destroyed a great mummy, which was none other that “The Corpse”, one of Nagil’s horcruxes.

Unfortunately, they all contracted mummy-rot in their expedition through the tomb, and found themselves in dire need of immediate help…

Chapter 19

Nagil immediately summoned a massive demon from the depths of the Abyss, and the battle was on in full. Upon hearing the commotion the Teutons came rushing up the stairs to the party’s aid. The first knight was instantly destroyed by Nagil’s foul magic.

Still, the heroes were not yet ready to seek a way out. This was their chance to defeat the force behind their strife, to accomplish the task Dante had sought them out for. Not to mention that with Trenton present and still alive, Kheldor was absolutely unwilling to retreat.

It was around that time that Tehla came hurtling into the room, having broken through one of the side doors. She attacked the demon head on, but not before the second Teuton fell.

It was about that time that Dante began to regain consciousness. He looked over the scene and immediately began calling for a retreat. He grabbed Addam and his book and rushed to the door, holding the book aloft to open the way.

On their way out Kheldor finally had his taste of revenge. He slashed Trenton’s throat and spilled his blood across the floor. To Kheldor’s dismay however, they were unable to take the body with them.

Making a hasty retreat, the heroes barely escaped Grebbestaad with their lives.

Once beyond the foul fortress’s gates they made their way south, toward Golnir…

Chapter 18

With no other leads to go on, the party reverted to their one clue, Trenton’s journal. After days of searching for answers, everyone and everywhere from Gulgol in Ankon Konu, to Sir Gregory in Atticala, and the library of the High-King’s Seat, they learned what they needed to know, and so the party was off the the Great Steppes, to the grand fortress once known as the Ruby Citadel, and which they believed to be Grebbestaad.

As they passed through the High-King’s Seat, they learned of his death, and stayed a day for the funeral, earning them the respect of Sir Dominic, who gave them two Tuetons to aid them in their quest.

Eventually they made their way to Grebbestaad.

Eventually they made their way inside.

They were not prepared for what they found.

It was none other than Trenton, casting some foul ritual upon a dark altar. Beside him lay the unmoving forms of Dante and Taavi. The party began to attack, but could not penetrate the forcefield surrounding the mage.

That was the least of their problems.

All at once the forcefield exploded outward, sending them all flying. Upon the altar a dark form began to appear, wisps of black smoke swirling and condenscing into a corporeal form. The party fell in to attack Trenton. They recovered the unconscious Dante, but noted Taavi to be quite dead.

Moments into the battle the figure was all but whole, and he had found his voice.

Raising his hand to point forth at all of them, he spoke…

I am Nagil…

Chapter 17

The Harkunans abandoned Yellowport to their foe, retreating instead to Metriciens, leaving Marlock City (now re-renamed Old Sokar) with just enough of a garrison to make it not worth the fight to take it.

The Akat-Surians rampaged through western Sokarra, and soon came south to take Yellowport. There Kheldor and a group of Red Guard planted some of the explosives that the Artificier had fashioned. Destroying the warehouses, docks, and quite a few homes, and killing some enemy fodder.

Soon the Akat-Surains were marching west. They didn’t even stop to consider an attack on Old Sokar, instead marching straight for the River Grimm. The heroes attacked them as they tried to cross.

Since they had control of the waters, Harkun had covertly transported the majority of its cavalry to Old Sokar, and then used them to attack the Akat-Surains from behind.

It was a rout. The Harkunans slaughtered the Akat-Surain invaders, meanwhile taking few casualties of their own. The Akat-Surains retreated post-haste past Helgrind and to the forest. The samurai took the lead, leaving the infantry to cover their escape. Dante and the three Aldal pursued them all the way and engaged them at the forest’s edge. That is where Morek fell. They followed the remaining Samurai into the forest, and fought a great battle in a small clearing, nearly two hundred samurai, against Dante and two Aldal. Bharva fell there, dying just as the party arrived.

Dante and Taavi were nowhere to be found.


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